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volunteering - capture
1939 - 1940

From Henry Owens' volunteering in 1939 to his capture at St. Valery in 1940


1. [ extract ]

The Battle of Abbeville
3rd - 6th June 1940

Description of the attack on Abbeville, from 'The Highland Division' by Eric Linklater.

2. [ account ]

"Ark" Force - The Defense of Le Harve
June 1940

The defense of Le Havre from Arques-la-Bataille. (The B.E.F. June 1940)

1 Gordons, St. Valery

3. [ account ]

1 Gordons, St. Valery
Journal extract, Capt. Taylor, Intel. Officer 1 Gordons

An extract from the War Diary of Capt. J.P.P. Taylor, the Intelligence Officer of the 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlands. Covers the period June 11th and 12th 1940 at St. Valery.

4. [ account ]

Accounts 61st Anti-Tank Reg. at Wadi Akarit
April 1943

Two personal accounts of the 61st Anti-Tank Regiment at Wadi Akarit (April 1943), reproduced here by kind permission of B. S. Barnes, author of "Operation Scipio - The 8th Army at the Battle of Wadi Akarit".

5. [ account ]

6th April 1943

An account of the operation to take a ridge called Djebel Roumana at Wadi Akarit on 6th April 1943. This account is taken from "OPERATION SCIPIO - THE 8TH ARMY AT THE BATTLE OF THE WADI AKARIT" by kind permission of the author B. S. Barnes.

6. [ account ]

Medic's View of Wadi Akarit
6th April 1943

An account from a Medic of the fighting at Wadi Akarit on 6th April 1943. This account is taken from "OPERATION SCIPIO - THE 8TH ARMY AT THE BATTLE OF THE WADI AKARIT" by kind permission of the author B. S. Barnes.

7. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Sicily Landing
Sicily, July 1943

Account of the Sicily landing, July 1943.

8. [ account ]

Gerbini Battle 154 BDE Combs Account
Sicily, 14th August 1943

Account of the action during the Battle of Gerbini between 20/21st July 1943 by Brigadier T Rennie - Brigadier Commander 154 Infantry Brigade. (written 14th August 1943)

9. [ account ]

Op. Totalise, Gordon Highlanders
Gordon Highlanders War Diary, August 1944

Extract from 5th/7th Gordons War Diary, August 1944. Detailing Operation Totalise in Normandy.

10. [ account ]

Account of Operation "Totalise"
Normandy, August 1944

An account of Operation "Totalise" in Normandy by Major A McKinnon MC 7th Argylls. (written 23rd August 1944)

11. [ account ]

Major General Rennie's Address
St. Valéry, Sept 1944

Major General Rennie's address at St. Valéry on 3rd September 1944 after the return of the 51st Highland Division to St. Valéry.

12. [ account ]

154 Brigade at Dunkirk
Sept - Oct 1944

Extract from 'The History of 154 Brigade in North West Europe', Dunkirk 23rd September 1944 to 9th October 1944. (Return to St. Valéry)

13. [ account ]

Attack on St. Michels Gestel and Vught
October 1944

Account of the Attack on St. Michels Gestel and Vught - taken from "The History of the 7th Argylls" by Captain Ian C Cameron

14. [ account ]

5th Black Watch, Nov 1944

An account of the 5th Black Watch crossing the Afterwaterings Canal, 4th - 5th November 1944. From "The Spirit of Angus" by John McGregor by permission of The Black Watch Museum.

15. [ account ]

Account By Private Tom Renouf - Attack on Hubermont
The Ardennes, January 1945

An account by Private Tom Renouf - 'A' Company, 7th Platoon, 5th Black Watch - of the attack on Hubermont. His account picks up the operation on the 12th January 1945. (The Ardennes, Subsequent Operations)

Dr. Tom Renouf is the Secretary of the 51st Highland Division Veterans Association.

16. [ account ]

2nd Seaforth Account of the Reichswald Battles
February 1945

This account was attached to the 2nd Seaforth's War Diary - covers the part taken by the 2nd Battalion in the Operations of February 1945 which resulted in the clearing of the West bank of the Rhine from Nijmegen. (Reichswald)

17. [ account ]

Attack on Goch, 5 Black Watch
Goch, Reichswald, 18th February 1945

John McGregor's account of the attack on Goch (Reichswald) by 5th Black Watch on the 18th February 1945 - taken from "The Spirit of Angus" by John McGregor.

18. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Operation Plunder - Rhine Crossing
March 1945

An account of 154 Brigade's crossing of the Rhine in Operation Plunder, March 1945. This extract is taken from the 154 Brigade History.

19. [ account ]

Attack on Groin, 5th Seaforth
Late March 1945

An account of the attack on Groin (Rhine Crossing - Operation Plunder) by 5th Seaforth Highlanders, taken with kind permission from "Battalion" by Alastair Borthwick.

Knocked out Tank, Flesquieres Ridge

1. [ photo ]

Knocked out Tank, Flesquieres Ridge
November 1917, Battle of Cambrai

British Mark IV Tank 'Edinburgh II' of No.12 Section, 15 Company, 'E' Battalion, knocked out on Flesquieres Ridge during Battle of Cambrai

Destroyed Tanks, Bourlon wood

2. [ photo ]

Destroyed Tanks, Bourlon wood
Battle of Cambrai, Nov 1917

Destroyed British tanks overturned and in pieces across from the "Shooting Box" in Bourlon Wood during the Battle of Cambrai, November 1917.

St. Valery Tank Attack

3. [ photo ]

St. Valery Tank Attack
from the Journal of Captain Taylor, Intelligence Officer 1 Gordons

Sketch map by Capt. Taylor, Intelligence Office 1 Gordons, showing the Tank attack at St. Valery, 1500-1520 hrs, June 11th 1940

Moving into Position, Wadi Akarit

5. [ photo ]

Moving into Position, Wadi Akarit
Wadi Akarit, April 1943

Men of the Seaforth Highlanders moving into position at Wadi Akarit., April 1943

Sherman Tank at Francofonte

6. [ photo ]

Sherman Tank at Francofonte
Sicily, 1943

This picture, although poor quality, gives a good impression of the terrain

Tank in Francofonte

7. [ photo ]

Tank in Francofonte
Sicily, July 1943

A Tank in a Francofonte street, July 1943.

Knocked out Tiger Tank

8. [ photo ]

Knocked out Tiger Tank
Sicily, August, 1943

A knocked out Tiger Tank with Mount. Etna in the background.

Operation Totalise, Troops on the Move

9. [ photo ]

Operation Totalise, Troops on the Move
Operation Totalise, Aug 1944

Troops on the move during Operation Totalise, August 1944

Attack on Le Havre

10. [ photo ]

Attack on Le Havre
10th - 12th September 1944

Photograph showing men advancing towards Le Havre. 10th - 12th September 1944.

5th Camerons carried on Shermans

11. [ photo ]

5th Camerons carried on Shermans
21st October 1944

5th Camerons carried on Shermans of the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry to their assembly area near Kaatsheuval on 21st October 1944.

The Advance on Hertogenbush

12. [ photo ]

The Advance on Hertogenbush
24th Oct 1944

2nb Seaforth Highlanders, 152 Brigade, advancing in Bren Gun Carriers towards Schijndel, 24th Oct 1944

British attack towards Sprang

13. [ photo ]

British attack towards Sprang
30th October 1944

Units of 51st Highland Division go into the attack around Sprang, north of Tilburn, as the enemy are pushed out of SW Holland. Carriers are 6 pounder guns of the 1st Gordons moving up to the battle positions North of Loon-Op-Zand. (Photographer Sgt Gee 30th October 1944)

Captured German half track

14. [ photo ]

Captured German half track
January 1945

Men of 5/7th Gordons paint the 51st Highland Division badge on a captured German half track. 16 January 1945

2nd Seaforth, Reichswald Forest, 11th Feb 1945

15. [ photo ]

2nd Seaforth, Reichswald Forest, 11th Feb 1945
11th Feb 1945

Men of the 2nd Seaforth Highlanders advancing through the Reichswald Forest. In close support of them are flame throwing Churchill Tanks. So far no heavy concrete emplacements have been encountered so the flame throwers have not been in action but they advance with the forward troops so they can be called on for instantaneous action. 152 Brigade. Sgt Silverside 11 February 1945

Manoeuvers in Goch

16. [ photo ]

Manoeuvers in Goch
21 February 1945

Tanks and Bren carries manoeuvre in the streets in Goch. Taken by Sgt Christie. 21 February 1945

A Buffalo comes ashore, Rhine, 1945

17. [ photo ]

A Buffalo comes ashore, Rhine, 1945
Rhine, March 1945

1st Black Watch, Buffalo comes ashore.

Black Watch and Kangaroo

18. [ photo ]

Black Watch and Kangaroo
23rd March 1945

On the night of 23rd March 1945 men of the three Black Watch battalions in the 51st Highland Division were ferried across the Rhine under cover of artillery barrage and a massive smoke screen. They are seen here moving forward in 'Kangaroos'. The HD 69 signifies the 7th Battalion. Little opposition was met before they were established on the far bank. The credit for being the first British troops across the Rhine fell to this battalion. The term 'Kangaroo' was applied to converted tanks and gun platforms like the hulls of Shermans and Priests which were converted into infantry armoured personal carries from Normandy onwards.

Self Propelled Gun on Raft

19. [ photo ]

Self Propelled Gun on Raft
24th March 1945

An Archer 17-pdr self propelled gun of Highland Division Anti Tank Regiment being loaded onto a raft. An RAF balloon winch is seen in the foreground. Sgt. Palmer 24th March 1945.