Henry Owens - The POW Camps
1940 - 1945

“My Dear Sister,
Once again I will repeat that I am fit and well, and, as we seem to have knocked off work for the while, I have bags of leisure time, not to moan, goodness no. I’m busy learning Deutsch (German), music, motor mechanics (theory), and polishing up on my fairly good French, and in the bargain, I have written and produced, with the help of my comrade, a pantomime, in which I appear as the Fairy Godmother. It’s all in rhyme, & to my mind should go down well, opening date 24th December. Ye gods, can you imagine it, the folks in Blighty would laugh till their sides burst if they saw our Cinders…

Mother tells me in her last letter, received yesterday, that Cliff has gone away; the war is now raging in its fullest capacity, I only hope and pray that God will be kind to our dear ones, that all of us will be spared to gather together in a joyful reunion after the nightmare is forgotten as a bad dream. Do not worry about me, yours is a heavier burden than mine, we’re depending on you, don’t let us down. “ - Henry Owens