R.A.S.C., Officers' Training Coy
December 1939

R.A.S.C., Officers Training, Dec 1939

R.A.S.C., Officers Training

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Thanks to James Gillies for sending us this photograph of the 51st Highland Division, R.A.S.C., Officers' Training Company taken in December 1939. The photo has been added to the Mobilisation section as it was possibly taken whilst the Division was at Aldershot, prior the eventual embarkation to Le Havre from Southampton in January 1940. A full list of those present in the lineup can be found here.


James Gillies

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1939 . 1940

Thank you to James Gillies for sending us this photograph. The photograph is framed and retains its original caption along with a note of each Officer in the lineup.

The caption reads:

51st Highland Division, R.A.S.C., Officers' Training Company. December 1939.

The names of those pictured are as follows:

Back Row (left to right)

J.F. Livingston
G.I. Fellows
A.R. Muir
A.G. Thomson
W.D.N. Mitchell
B.J. Malone
G.S. Duncan
W.H.N. McQuaid
E. Armitage
M.N. Ward

Second Row Down (Left to Right)

J.S. Shaw
L.E. Davies
P. Welsh
C. Elston
T.C. Cuthbertson
F.S. Haigh
J.A.C. Woods
G.E. Tomlinson
A.A. Archer
W.F. Simpson
R.M. Mathers
E.P. Pead

Third Row Down (Left to Right)

D.O. Bergh
A.R. Duff
F.J. Fletcher
W.T.V. Woolley
A. Johnstone
Sergt. McKenzie, T.A.
Capt. W.G. Miller
J. Innes
L.C. Ballie
D.C. Kirton
I. Hope
G.B. Byars
J.H. Ward

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

L.M. Sproat
W.P. Anderson
J.C. Osborne
J.M.P. Latham
K.G. Sutton
D.C.M. Palmer
R.H. Pead
V.V. Gamble