Clearing The "Island"
West of s'Hertogenbosch, 4-6th Nov 1944

The 53rd Division had been task with the operation to clear the "Island" were moved to support the US sector against a German counterattack and the task was given to 51st Highland Division. The "Island" was west of s'Hertogenbosch and was about six miles long and four miles deep formed between the Afwaterings canal and the River Maas.

154 Brigade relieved 152 Brigade who, with 153 Brigade were to conduct Operation "Guy Fawkes", aptly named as in commenced on the 4/5th November. A large preliminary bombardment preceded the assault. Collapsible canvas boats were used to cross the canal and dyke. The 5th Black Watch crossing as part of 153 Brigade is described in "The Spirit of Angus".

Opposition everywhere was light and by the evening of the 5th all objectives of both brigades had been taken. The attack was successful and the "Island" cleared.

The other enemy pocket was at Empel north of s'Hertogenbosch and this was cleared by the 7th Argylls on 6th November.