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2. [ history ]

1914 - 1919

A brief outline of 51st (Highland) Division in the First World War 1914 - 1919

Battle of Ancre

3. [ history ]

Battle of Ancre
Nov 1916

A description of the battle of Ancre in November 1916 which, for the 51st Highland Division, will be remembered as the Battle of Beaumont Hamel.

Mobilisation & WWII

4. [ history ]

Mobilisation & WWII
Late 1938 - Jan 1940

From the "call out" of the TA in late 1938 to embarkation at Southampton for Le Havre in January 1940.

Battle of El Alamein

5. [ history ]

Battle of El Alamein
Oct 1942

Montgomery was determined to attack the enemy using his infantry to create a gap and then push the armour through the gap created. The area for this was not the weaker sector in the south but the stronger part of the enemy position in the North. 30 Corps were to execute this attaching on a frontage four divisions wide...

In Pursuit

6. [ history ]

In Pursuit
Nov 1942 - Jan 1943

After El Alamein the 51st Highland Division were in pursuit of Rommel and the retreating forces from Tubruk to Misurata


7. [ history ]

Jan 1943

The 51st Highland Division moved along the cost with the New Zealand Division and 7th Armoured Division carrying out a flanking attack. Failure to succeed in occupying Tripoli would cause Montgomery to have to fall back...

The Mareth Line

8. [ history ]

The Mareth Line
March 1943

The Mareth line was formed at the narrow point between the coast and the Matmata hills. The plan was to smash the Mareth defensive lines through the Matmata Hills into the Gabes Gap, which would later be the area of the battle of Wadi Akarit.

Wadi Akarit

9. [ history ]

Wadi Akarit
Apr 1943

The battle of Wadi Akarit took place in a narrow coastline strip between the sea and the coastal towns of Gabes and El Hamma. Between these was the Gabes gap. The Wadi Akarit ran across the gap at the coastal end and to the Roumana Ridge inland and to the west. This area was the objective for the 51st Highland Division...

The Landing

10. [ history ]

The Landing
10th July 1943

Initial phase of Op. Huskey - the landing at Sicily, 10th July 1943

Battle for Gerbini

11. [ history ]

Battle for Gerbini
18th-21st July 1943

The Battle for Gerbini took place between 18 - 21st July 1943.

Sferro Hills

12. [ history ]

Sferro Hills
Jul/Aug 1943

Description of the Battle for the Sferro Hills, late July - early August 1943

After Sferro

13. [ history ]

After Sferro
Aug-Sep 1943

A description of events after the Battle for the Sferro Hills, Aug-Sep 1943


14. [ history ]

Nov 1943 - Jul 1944

The 51st Highland Division landing took place to the west of the Ornnemouth in the 1st Corps area and crossed the River Orne. The operations in the following weeks were some of the worst the Division had experienced...

Operation Totalise

15. [ history ]

Operation Totalise
6-10 Aug 1944

The 51st Highland Division was placed under command of the Canadian Corps and on 6th August moved forward to begin the operation called Operation Totalise. The attack began on the night of the 7th August and when the operation ended on the 10th August the 51st Highland Division had secured all its objectives.

16. [ history ]

The "Island"
4-6th Nov 1944

The 53rd Division had been task with the operation to clear the "Island" were moved to support the US sector against a German counterattack and the task was given to 51st Highland Division. The "Island" was west of s'Hertogenbosch and was about six miles long and four miles deep formed between the Afwaterings canal and the River Maas.

17. [ history ]

La Roche
10th Jan 1945

With the successful advance of 152 Brigade to Ronchamps the Divisional right flank was secure and all was ready for the assault by 154 Brigade down the Ourthe valley to La Roche.

Subsequent Operations

18. [ history ]

Subsequent Operations
12-15th Jan 1945

By 12th January the 51st Highland Division found that the opposition had become more determined. The reason for this was that the Division now threatened the main German withdrawal route of Champion - Erneuville - Ortho - Filly.


19. [ history ]

10-11 Feb 1945

The town of Hekkens on the southern edge of the Reichswald lay on the important intersection of the Gennep-Cleve and Kessel-Goch roads. It was also on the Siegfried Line and was therefore heavily defended with pill boxes. The town also sat on the proposed corps axis and therefore had to be cleared.

Pte. MacPherson, 9th Royal Scots Join 51st

1. [ account ]

Pte. MacPherson, 9th Royal Scots Join 51st
9th Royal Scots Join 51st Highland Division

An extract from Pte. MacPherson's Diary of Active Service detailing his movements between 29th February to 4th March 1916 as the 9th Royal Scots joined the 51st (Highland) Division.

2. [ account ]

Brigadier James Oliver
A short biography from 'The Red Hackle'

Brigadier James Oliver : A short biography - an extract from 'The Red Hackle' - the Regimental magazine of The Black Watch.

3. [ extract ]

7th Argylls at Franleu
5th - 7th June 1940

The following description is taken from 'The History of the 7th Argylls - From El Alamein to Germany' by Ian C Cameron and details the 7th Argylls & Sutherland Highlanders at Franleu from 5th - 7th June 1940.

4. [ account ]

Capt. J.D. Inglis', C Coy.'s Capture, June, 1940
June 1940

Captain J.D. Inglis' account of the action in which 'C' Coy. were captured, 5th - 7th June 1940. The account was written for the Regimental Archive.

We were kindly sent a copy of this account by Capt. T. Inglis, the Grandson of Capt. J.D. Inglis.

5. [ account ]

"Ark" Force - The Defense of Le Harve
June 1940

The defense of Le Havre from Arques-la-Bataille. (The B.E.F. June 1940)

6. [ account ]

El Alamein - A Gunner's View
Personal Account By Captain J T Lang

Captain John Lang served with 128th (H) Field Battery RA (TA). He was at El Alamein and this is his personal account.

Notes on Battle of El Alamein

7. [ account ]

Notes on Battle of El Alamein
North Africa, 1942

Detailed notes on the Battle of El Alamein from the 7th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. (North Africa, October, 1942)

8. [ account ]

Operation Supercharge
El Alamein, North Africa, October 1942

A Description of Operation Supercharge, El Alamein, North Africa, October 1942.

9. [ account ]

7th Argylls at Wadi Akarit
Account of the Battle by Captain Cameron

Description of the The Battle of Wadi Akarit, taken from "The History of the 7th Argylls" by Captain Ian C Cameron

Lt.-Col. Lorne Campbell VC Citation

10. [ extract ]

Lt.-Col. Lorne Campbell VC Citation
8th June 1943

The citation of Lt. Col. Lorne Campbell, VC, as published in the London Gazette, 8th June 1943.

11. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Sicily Landing
Sicily, July 1943

Account of the Sicily landing, July 1943.

12. [ account ]

July 1943

An extract of detail from the record of 61st (Highland) Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery in the Sicily Campaign, July 1943

13. [ account ]

Porchetta's Gerbini Account
Account of Dell Porchetta, 7th Argyll & Sutherlands

Personal account of Dell Porchetta, detailing the attack on Gerbini, Sicily and eventual capture of 'A' company, 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on the night of 20th July 1943.

14. [ account ]

Sicily - 128th Field Reg. Account
31st July 1943

A description from the History of 128th (Highland) Field Regiment R.A of the BATTLES FOR GERBINI, SFERRO HILLS, CATANIA PLAIN AND BIANCAVILLA.

15. [ account ]

Gerbini Battle 154 BDE Combs Account
Sicily, 14th August 1943

Account of the action during the Battle of Gerbini between 20/21st July 1943 by Brigadier T Rennie - Brigadier Commander 154 Infantry Brigade. (written 14th August 1943)

16. [ account ]

Op. Totalise, Gordon Highlanders
Gordon Highlanders War Diary, August 1944

Extract from 5th/7th Gordons War Diary, August 1944. Detailing Operation Totalise in Normandy.

17. [ account ]

September 1944

An Account of the attack on Le Havre (September 1944), taken from "History of the 7th Aryglls" by Ian C Cameron.

18. [ account ]

154 Brigade at Dunkirk
Sept - Oct 1944

Extract from 'The History of 154 Brigade in North West Europe', Dunkirk 23rd September 1944 to 9th October 1944. (Return to St. Valéry)

19. [ account ]

Attack on St. Michels Gestel and Vught
October 1944

Account of the Attack on St. Michels Gestel and Vught - taken from "The History of the 7th Argylls" by Captain Ian C Cameron

20. [ account ]

Capture of Goch, concluding operations
Goch, Reichswald, 20th - 28th Feb 1945

Capture of Goch and concluding stages of Operation Veritable - taken from "The history of the 154 Infantry Brigade in North West Europe". (Goch, Reichswald)

21. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Operation Plunder - Rhine Crossing
March 1945

An account of 154 Brigade's crossing of the Rhine in Operation Plunder, March 1945. This extract is taken from the 154 Brigade History.

22. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Final Brigade Operations
1st - 5th May 1945

154 Brigade account - 1st May 1945 to 5th May 1945.

7th Argylls, Battle of S. Quentin

1. [ photo ]

7th Argylls, Battle of S. Quentin
March 1918

Battle of St. Quentin. No.8 Platoon, B Coy of the 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders retiring along the Cambrai road near Beaumetz. Limbers of the 25th Division passing in the back ground. By kind permission of the IWM.

Bayonet practice

2. [ photo ]

Bayonet practice
November 1939

Men of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 51st Highland Division, during bayonet practice, November 1939.

Trying on gas masks

3. [ photo ]

Trying on gas masks
November 1939

Men of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 51st Highland Division, trying on gas masks, November 1939.

Franleu sketch map

4. [ photo ]

Franleu sketch map

The sketch map is based on a recent visit by Brig. C. Grant and on the map in 'The History of the 7th Argylls - From El Alamein to Germany' by Ian C Cameron

Holding a position in the River Bresle area

5. [ photo ]

Holding a position in the River Bresle area
6 - 8 June 1940

Men of the 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 51st Highland Division, holding a position in the River Bresle area, 6 - 8 June 1940.

7th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

6. [ photo ]

7th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

Men of the 7th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders on the march

Diagram of Battle of Wadi Akarit

7. [ photo ]

Diagram of Battle of Wadi Akarit
April 1943

Diagram of the Battle of Wadi Akarit, from "The History of the 51st Highland Division" by J B Salmond

7th Argylls Cleaning Weapons

8. [ photo ]

7th Argylls Cleaning Weapons
April 1943

7th Argyll Soldiers of the 7th Bn cleaning their weapons in a lull in the fighting of the Battle of Tunis

7th Argyll Pipers, German POW

9. [ photo ]

7th Argyll Pipers, German POW
7th May 1945

Care of the IWM, with kind permission.

Caption reads "While British and German officers talk in the road, the pipes of the 7th Argyles' go swinging by."

Taken by Sgt. Johnson. 7.5.45. Occupation of Bremerhaven.