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Battle of El Alamein

1. [ history ]

Battle of El Alamein
Oct 1942

Montgomery was determined to attack the enemy using his infantry to create a gap and then push the armour through the gap created. The area for this was not the weaker sector in the south but the stronger part of the enemy position in the North. 30 Corps were to execute this attaching on a frontage four divisions wide...

In Pursuit

2. [ history ]

In Pursuit
Nov 1942 - Jan 1943

After El Alamein the 51st Highland Division were in pursuit of Rommel and the retreating forces from Tubruk to Misurata

The Mareth Line

3. [ history ]

The Mareth Line
March 1943

The Mareth line was formed at the narrow point between the coast and the Matmata hills. The plan was to smash the Mareth defensive lines through the Matmata Hills into the Gabes Gap, which would later be the area of the battle of Wadi Akarit.

Wadi Akarit

4. [ history ]

Wadi Akarit
Apr 1943

The battle of Wadi Akarit took place in a narrow coastline strip between the sea and the coastal towns of Gabes and El Hamma. Between these was the Gabes gap. The Wadi Akarit ran across the gap at the coastal end and to the Roumana Ridge inland and to the west. This area was the objective for the 51st Highland Division...


5. [ history ]

13th - 15th July 1943

Details of the action at VIZZINI and FRANCOFONTE, Sicily, 13th - 15th July 1943


6. [ history ]

Nov 1943 - Jul 1944

The 51st Highland Division landing took place to the west of the Ornnemouth in the 1st Corps area and crossed the River Orne. The operations in the following weeks were some of the worst the Division had experienced...

The Triangle

7. [ history ]

The Triangle
June-July 1944

after initial operations by 5th Black Watch against the area of Douvres, 153 Brigade followed by 152 Brigade crossed the Orne to operated to the east of the Orne and north east of Caen centred on an area known as the Triangle...

8. [ history ]

The "Island"
4-6th Nov 1944

The 53rd Division had been task with the operation to clear the "Island" were moved to support the US sector against a German counterattack and the task was given to 51st Highland Division. The "Island" was west of s'Hertogenbosch and was about six miles long and four miles deep formed between the Afwaterings canal and the River Maas.

Subsequent Operations

9. [ history ]

Subsequent Operations
12-15th Jan 1945

By 12th January the 51st Highland Division found that the opposition had become more determined. The reason for this was that the Division now threatened the main German withdrawal route of Champion - Erneuville - Ortho - Filly.

10. [ history ]

19th Feb 1945

Goch was planned as the Divisions final objective in Operation Veritable. The task fell to 153 Brigade...


1. [ account ]

Brigadier James Oliver
A short biography from 'The Red Hackle'

Brigadier James Oliver : A short biography - an extract from 'The Red Hackle' - the Regimental magazine of The Black Watch.

2. [ account ]

Defense of Point 198
6th April 1943

An account of the defense of Point 198 at Wadi Akarit on 6th April 1943. This account is taken from "OPERATION SCIPIO - THE 8TH ARMY AT THE BATTLE OF THE WADI AKARIT" by kind permission of the author B. S. Barnes.

3. [ account ]

51st Highland Division Newsletter

PIOBAIREACHD was the name given to the 51st Highland Division newsletter which was produced from 14 June 1944.

4. [ account ]

Op. Totalise, Gordon Highlanders
Gordon Highlanders War Diary, August 1944

Extract from 5th/7th Gordons War Diary, August 1944. Detailing Operation Totalise in Normandy.

5. [ account ]

Account of Operation "Totalise"
Normandy, August 1944

An account of Operation "Totalise" in Normandy by Major A McKinnon MC 7th Argylls. (written 23rd August 1944)

6. [ account ]

5th Black Watch, Nov 1944

An account of the 5th Black Watch crossing the Afterwaterings Canal, 4th - 5th November 1944. From "The Spirit of Angus" by John McGregor by permission of The Black Watch Museum.

7. [ account ]

Account By Major Pilcher, 5th Black Watch
The Ardennes, January 1945

An Account By Major Pilcher, Officer Commanding C Company, 5th Black Watch of action during the later part of the action seen in the Ardennes. Major Pilcher MC, is now a Trustee of the 51st Highland Division and Ross Bequest Fund. His account picks up events starting on 12th January 1945.

8. [ account ]

Account By Private Tom Renouf - Attack on Hubermont
The Ardennes, January 1945

An account by Private Tom Renouf - 'A' Company, 7th Platoon, 5th Black Watch - of the attack on Hubermont. His account picks up the operation on the 12th January 1945. (The Ardennes, Subsequent Operations)

Dr. Tom Renouf is the Secretary of the 51st Highland Division Veterans Association.

9. [ account ]

Attack on Goch, 5 Black Watch
Goch, Reichswald, 18th February 1945

John McGregor's account of the attack on Goch (Reichswald) by 5th Black Watch on the 18th February 1945 - taken from "The Spirit of Angus" by John McGregor.

10. [ account ]

The Capture of Goch, 1st Gordons
Goch, Reichswald, 18th February 1945

Martin Lindsay's account of the attack on Goch by 1st Gordons on the 18th February 1945 - from 'So Few Got Through' by Martin Lindsay. (Goch, Reichswald)

11. [ account ]

Capture of Goch, concluding operations
Goch, Reichswald, 20th - 28th Feb 1945

Capture of Goch and concluding stages of Operation Veritable - taken from "The history of the 154 Infantry Brigade in North West Europe". (Goch, Reichswald)

12. [ account ]

153 Brigade - Operation Plunder - Rhine Crossing
March 1945

153 Brigade Operations during Operation Plunder - the Rhine Crossing, March 1945.

13. [ account ]

152 Brigade - Operation Plunder - Attack on Groin
Late March 1945

152 Brigade Operations during Operation Plunder - the Rhine Crossing - and the attack on Groin

5th Black Watch - Battle of Hons

1. [ photo ]

5th Black Watch - Battle of Hons
January 1943

A group half an hour after the Battle of Hons, January 1943.

5th Black Watch Briefing

2. [ photo ]

5th Black Watch Briefing
Gabes, Tunisia, April 1943

Major John Mcgregor briefs B Coy of the 5th Black Watch at Gabes, Tunisia, April 1943.

Diagram of Battle of Wadi Akarit

3. [ photo ]

Diagram of Battle of Wadi Akarit
April 1943

Diagram of the Battle of Wadi Akarit, from "The History of the 51st Highland Division" by J B Salmond

Map - Attack on Hubermont

4. [ photo ]

Map - Attack on Hubermont
12-13 January 1945

Map showing the details of the 5th Black watch attack on Hubermont. The attack took place the night of 12-13 January showing the initial (1) and final (2) company positions.

Bren Gunner, Feb, 1945

5. [ photo ]

Bren Gunner, Feb, 1945
14 February 1945

Bren gunner in action from a window of a house when they were observing and giving covering fire for their comrades advancing below. C Coy, 5 Black Watch, 153 Brigade. Sgt Silverside 14 February 1945

Underground HQ, Gennep

6. [ photo ]

Underground HQ, Gennep
14 February 1945

"Life for the most part is underground in Gennep. The Germans are still making the town, which was a key place in their water defence line, an unhealthy place to live in, and shell it regularly. 'C' Company Commandeer, Major GA Pilcher MC of GOWS, Invergowerie, nr Dundee (centre) utilises one of the German built cellars as his HQ. With him is his 2nd in command, Captain AL Campbell of 9 Woodburn square, Douglas, Isle of Man (right) and 13 Pl Commander, Lt D P Smyth of 38 Herriot Row, Edinburgh. C Coy, 5 Black Watch, 153 Brigade" - Words and Photograph by Sgt Silverside, 14th February 1945.

1st Gordons attack on Goch

7. [ photo ]

1st Gordons attack on Goch

This detailed sketch map accompanies the account from "So Few Got Through" by Martin Lindsay