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1. [ history ]

In Brief

An introduction to the history of the 51st Highland Division.

Reichswald<br/>Op. Veritable

2. [ history ]

Op. Veritable
Feb 1945

After the defeat of the German Ardennes offensive the 51st Highland Division returned to Holland to recommence offensive operations. Operation Veritable was the code name for the operation which would clear the Germans from the ground between the parallel rivers of the Maas and the Rhine and drive them back over the latter.

The Plan

3. [ history ]

The Plan
8th Feb 1945

Op Veritable was the code name for the allied operation to drive the Germans from the ground between the River Maas and the River Rhine. The Canadians and British would break out from the Nijmegen bridgehead clearing southeast down between the two rivers to link up with the US forces who would cross the Maas to the south and swing north.


4. [ history ]

10-11 Feb 1945

The town of Hekkens on the southern edge of the Reichswald lay on the important intersection of the Gennep-Cleve and Kessel-Goch roads. It was also on the Siegfried Line and was therefore heavily defended with pill boxes. The town also sat on the proposed corps axis and therefore had to be cleared.

5. [ history ]

19th Feb 1945

Goch was planned as the Divisions final objective in Operation Veritable. The task fell to 153 Brigade...

6. [ history ]

Concluding Operations
24-27 Feb 1945

With the capture of Goch it was thought that the Division had completed its part in Operational Veritable, however orders were received to advance south to clear the area south west of Goch and the next lateral road from Weeze heading east which would be the Corps axis.


1. [ account ]

2nd Seaforth Account of the Reichswald Battles
February 1945

This account was attached to the 2nd Seaforth's War Diary - covers the part taken by the 2nd Battalion in the Operations of February 1945 which resulted in the clearing of the West bank of the Rhine from Nijmegen. (Reichswald)

2. [ op order ]

152 Brigade Op. Order No.12 - OPERATION 'VERITABLE'
Reichswald, 4th February 1945

Operation Order No. 12 (Operation 'Veritable') listed in full - dated 4th February 1945 (Reichswald)

3. [ account ]

Attack on Goch, 5 Black Watch
Goch, Reichswald, 18th February 1945

John McGregor's account of the attack on Goch (Reichswald) by 5th Black Watch on the 18th February 1945 - taken from "The Spirit of Angus" by John McGregor.

4. [ account ]

The Capture of Goch, 1st Gordons
Goch, Reichswald, 18th February 1945

Martin Lindsay's account of the attack on Goch by 1st Gordons on the 18th February 1945 - from 'So Few Got Through' by Martin Lindsay. (Goch, Reichswald)

5. [ account ]

Capture of Goch, concluding operations
Goch, Reichswald, 20th - 28th Feb 1945

Capture of Goch and concluding stages of Operation Veritable - taken from "The history of the 154 Infantry Brigade in North West Europe". (Goch, Reichswald)

6. [ account ]

Clearing Gennep and Goch
Operation Plunder, Rhine Crossing, March 1945

"Notes on Town Clearing", written by Lt Col JA GRANT-PETERKIN, DSO, O.C., 1 GORDONS, on the experiences of a Battalion which took part in clearing two large towns, GENNEP and GOCH, against a determined and organised enemy...

7. [ account ]

Main HQ comment on "Town Clearing"
Gennep / Goch, Rhine Crossing, March 1945

Additional note from Main HQ relating to "Notes on Town Clearing" written by Lt Col JA GRANT-PETERKIN, DSO, O.C., 1 GORDONS which detailed operations to clear Gennep and Goch during Operation Plunder, Rhine Crossing, March 1945.

Men of the 5/7th Gordons on the move

2. [ photo ]

Men of the 5/7th Gordons on the move
8 February 1945

Men of the 5/7th Gordons Highlanders move up to take part in the first attack. 154 Brigade. Sgt Silverside 8 February 1945

Maps - Hekkens

3. [ photo ]

Maps - Hekkens
Feb, 1945

The providence of this map is not known and hence the pencil marks cannot be dated. However, the objective axis and start line are clear.

Mud hampers progress

4. [ photo ]

Mud hampers progress
10 February 1945

Even tracked vehicles find it hard going and have to be dug out. 154 Brigade between Brunhard and German border. Sgt Silverside 10 February 1945

2nd Seaforth, Reichswald Forest, 11th Feb 1945

5. [ photo ]

2nd Seaforth, Reichswald Forest, 11th Feb 1945
11th Feb 1945

Men of the 2nd Seaforth Highlanders advancing through the Reichswald Forest. In close support of them are flame throwing Churchill Tanks. So far no heavy concrete emplacements have been encountered so the flame throwers have not been in action but they advance with the forward troops so they can be called on for instantaneous action. 152 Brigade. Sgt Silverside 11 February 1945

Bren Gunner, Feb, 1945

6. [ photo ]

Bren Gunner, Feb, 1945
14 February 1945

Bren gunner in action from a window of a house when they were observing and giving covering fire for their comrades advancing below. C Coy, 5 Black Watch, 153 Brigade. Sgt Silverside 14 February 1945

Underground HQ, Gennep

7. [ photo ]

Underground HQ, Gennep
14 February 1945

"Life for the most part is underground in Gennep. The Germans are still making the town, which was a key place in their water defence line, an unhealthy place to live in, and shell it regularly. 'C' Company Commandeer, Major GA Pilcher MC of GOWS, Invergowerie, nr Dundee (centre) utilises one of the German built cellars as his HQ. With him is his 2nd in command, Captain AL Campbell of 9 Woodburn square, Douglas, Isle of Man (right) and 13 Pl Commander, Lt D P Smyth of 38 Herriot Row, Edinburgh. C Coy, 5 Black Watch, 153 Brigade" - Words and Photograph by Sgt Silverside, 14th February 1945.

1st Gordons attack on Goch

8. [ photo ]

1st Gordons attack on Goch

This detailed sketch map accompanies the account from "So Few Got Through" by Martin Lindsay

Map, Battle of Goch

9. [ photo ]

Map, Battle of Goch
February 1945

This detailed map taken directly from "The Spirit of Angus" illustrates the actions of the 5th Black Watch.

Manoeuvers in Goch

10. [ photo ]

Manoeuvers in Goch
21 February 1945

Tanks and Bren carries manoeuvre in the streets in Goch. Taken by Sgt Christie. 21 February 1945

HD 81 Sign

11. [ photo ]

HD 81 Sign
Reichswald, Mar '45

Taken by B.R. van Wullften Palthe, Corps. Tolken (Interpreter) attached to 152 Brig. in March 1945. The handwritten caption reads "This is a typical scene in Reichswald" (translated).