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In Brief

An introduction to the history of the 51st Highland Division.

2. [ pow ]

volunteering - capture
1939 - 1940

From Henry Owens' volunteering in 1939 to his capture at St. Valery in 1940


3. [ history ]

Nov 1943 - Jul 1944

The 51st Highland Division landing took place to the west of the Ornnemouth in the 1st Corps area and crossed the River Orne. The operations in the following weeks were some of the worst the Division had experienced...

The Landing

4. [ history ]

The Landing
Early June 1944

A summary of the landing of the Brigades at Normandy between 5th June - 10th June 1944

The Triangle

5. [ history ]

The Triangle
June-July 1944

after initial operations by 5th Black Watch against the area of Douvres, 153 Brigade followed by 152 Brigade crossed the Orne to operated to the east of the Orne and north east of Caen centred on an area known as the Triangle...

The Breakout

6. [ history ]

The Breakout
Aug 1944

By early July Cherbourg had fallen to the Americans and the British occupied Caen. The US forces pressed on to St. Lo and commenced the isolation of the Brittany peninsula. The US success now set the conditions for Montgomery's break out. This took the form of three operations, Bluecoat which began on 30th July, Totalise on the 7th August and Tractable which began on 14th August...

Operation Totalise

7. [ history ]

Operation Totalise
6-10 Aug 1944

The 51st Highland Division was placed under command of the Canadian Corps and on 6th August moved forward to begin the operation called Operation Totalise. The attack began on the night of the 7th August and when the operation ended on the 10th August the 51st Highland Division had secured all its objectives.


1. [ op order ]

Operation Order No. 1 - Overlord
Normandy Landing, June 1944

Extract (table) taken from Operation Order No. 1 - Overlord (The Normandy Landing, June 1944)

2. [ account ]

51st Highland Division Newsletter

PIOBAIREACHD was the name given to the 51st Highland Division newsletter which was produced from 14 June 1944.

3. [ op order ]

5th Camerons Op. Order No. 1
Normandy, 17th July 1944

This Operation Order was kindly provided by Mrs TBM Lamb and was signed by her late husband, then Adjutant of 5th Camerons.

4. [ account ]

Op. Totalise, Gordon Highlanders
Gordon Highlanders War Diary, August 1944

Extract from 5th/7th Gordons War Diary, August 1944. Detailing Operation Totalise in Normandy.

5. [ account ]

Account of Operation "Totalise"
Normandy, August 1944

An account of Operation "Totalise" in Normandy by Major A McKinnon MC 7th Argylls. (written 23rd August 1944)

6. [ account ]

Account By Private Tom Renouf - Attack on Hubermont
The Ardennes, January 1945

An account by Private Tom Renouf - 'A' Company, 7th Platoon, 5th Black Watch - of the attack on Hubermont. His account picks up the operation on the 12th January 1945. (The Ardennes, Subsequent Operations)

Dr. Tom Renouf is the Secretary of the 51st Highland Division Veterans Association.

7. [ account ]

Appreciation of Major General Rennie
The Rhine Crossing, March 1945

Appreciation of Major General T. G. Rennie, C.B., D.S.O., M.B.E. written on 31 March by the Commandeer of the 2nd Army, Lieutenant-General Sir Miles Dempsey. Major General Rennie was killed by a shell during Operation Plunder - The crossing of the Rhine. March 1945.

8. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Final Brigade Operations
1st - 5th May 1945

154 Brigade account - 1st May 1945 to 5th May 1945.

Henry Owens at Le Havre

1. [ photo ]

Henry Owens at Le Havre
Le Havre, 1940

Gunner Henry Owens (top left), Le Havre, 1940

German Propaganda

2. [ photo ]

German Propaganda

German propaganda designed to encourage surrender

Allied Invasion Force (Map)

3. [ photo ]

Allied Invasion Force (Map)
6th June 1944

Map showing the Allied invasion force and German dispositions. Operation Overlord. Dated 6th June 1944

Mortar Position, Normandy, June 1944

4. [ photo ]

Mortar Position, Normandy, June 1944
June 1944

5th Black Watch mortar position in Normandy, June 1944

Normandy and the Breakout

5. [ photo ]

Normandy and the Breakout
Area of Operations, June-July 1944

51st Highland Division's area of operations, France, June - July 1944

Operation Totalise

6. [ photo ]

Operation Totalise
Normandy, France, August 1944

Smoke on the horizon. Men walking through fields in Normandy, France, during Operation Totalise August 1944.

Operation Totalise, Troops on the Move

7. [ photo ]

Operation Totalise, Troops on the Move
Operation Totalise, Aug 1944

Troops on the move during Operation Totalise, August 1944

Black Watch and Kangaroo

8. [ photo ]

Black Watch and Kangaroo
23rd March 1945

On the night of 23rd March 1945 men of the three Black Watch battalions in the 51st Highland Division were ferried across the Rhine under cover of artillery barrage and a massive smoke screen. They are seen here moving forward in 'Kangaroos'. The HD 69 signifies the 7th Battalion. Little opposition was met before they were established on the far bank. The credit for being the first British troops across the Rhine fell to this battalion. The term 'Kangaroo' was applied to converted tanks and gun platforms like the hulls of Shermans and Priests which were converted into infantry armoured personal carries from Normandy onwards.