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Mobilisation & WWII

1. [ history ]

Mobilisation & WWII
Late 1938 - Jan 1940

From the "call out" of the TA in late 1938 to embarkation at Southampton for Le Havre in January 1940.


2. [ history ]

Jan 1943

The 51st Highland Division moved along the cost with the New Zealand Division and 7th Armoured Division carrying out a flanking attack. Failure to succeed in occupying Tripoli would cause Montgomery to have to fall back...


3. [ history ]

Mar 1943

Rommel's next defensive line after retreating from Tripoli was close to Medenine, a narrow point between the coast and the Matmata hills.

Major General Wimberley

4. [ history ]

Major General Wimberley
Departure from 51HD

Major General Wimberley, affectionately know as "Tartan Tam" for his determination that the Division would wear the kilt, had commanded the Division from its England through North Africa and Sicily. On his departure he published the following farewell messages to his Jocks...

5. [ history ]

Nov 1943

The departure of the 51st Highland Division from Sicily in late 1943


1. [ account ]

Medic's View of Wadi Akarit
6th April 1943

An account from a Medic of the fighting at Wadi Akarit on 6th April 1943. This account is taken from "OPERATION SCIPIO - THE 8TH ARMY AT THE BATTLE OF THE WADI AKARIT" by kind permission of the author B. S. Barnes.

2. [ extract ]

Order of Battle for Op Huskey
Sicily, July 1943

Division structure for Operation Huskey (Sicily, July 1943)

3. [ account ]

Sicily - 128th Field Reg. Account
31st July 1943

A description from the History of 128th (Highland) Field Regiment R.A of the BATTLES FOR GERBINI, SFERRO HILLS, CATANIA PLAIN AND BIANCAVILLA.

Major General Wimberley MC, GOC 51st HD

1. [ photo ]

Major General Wimberley MC, GOC 51st HD

Major General Wimberley, MC, GOC of the 51st Highland Division discusses a point on the map with one of his officers at Divisional Headquarters.

5th Camerons (Officers), Sicily

2. [ photo ]

5th Camerons (Officers), Sicily
Fleri, Sicily, 19 Aug 1943

Officers of the 5th Camerons, Fleri (Sicily), 19 Aug 1943. General Wimberley is the forth from right in the front row of the above picture of the Officers of the 5th Camerons, taken on the 19th August 1943 at Fleri, Sicily.

The full list of those present in the photograph is shown on the History page detailing Major General Wimberley's Departure from the 51st Highland Division.

Memorial Plaque, Nairn Old Parish Church

3. [ photo ]

Memorial Plaque, Nairn Old Parish Church
51st (H) Recce Reg

The Plaque and Roll of Honour in Nairn Old Parish Church.

The inscription reads "To the glory of God and to the memory of the men of the 51st (Highland) Reconnaissance Regiment who fell at the Battle of El Alamein October 1942 and who worshipped in this church the previous winter"

The plaque was unveiled by Gen Wimberley, GOC 51st Highland Division from mid 1941 and throughout the Desert Campaign, during a Service of Remembrance held on Sunday 9th April 1950 (Easter Sunday). The service was conducted by the Padre Rev Thos. W. Topping and the Minister, Rev Donald M McDonald, 25 old comrades and relatives attending.