Operation Supercharge
El Alamein, North Africa, October 1942

Operation Supercharge was the name given for the start of the break out operation that was launched on 2nd November. In Montgomery's on words his concept of operations was:


30 0CT.1942

"1. Operation SUPERCHARGE will take place on night 31 Oct/1 Nov.

The operation is designed to:

  • (a) Destroy the enemy armoured forces.
  • (b) Force the enemy to fight in the open, and thus make him use petrol by constant and continuous movement.
  • (c) Get astride the enemy supply route, and prevent movement of supplies.
  • (d) Force the enemy from his forward landing grounds and aerodromes.
  • (e) Bring about the disintegration of the whole enemy army by a combination of (a), (b), (c), and (d).

While XIII Corps carried out a deception operation in the south, 30 Corps would penetrate the Enemy line south of the Australian Division. The attack was delivered by the New Zealand Division reinforced by 151 Brigade from 50th Division and 152 Brigade for the 51st Highland Division. The plan was for the two brigades to advance on a 4000 yard frontage, 4000 yards into the enemy.

The initial objectives were all retaken and the 9th Armoured Division moved through to exploit. Tank losses were heavy but the Division successfully reached the Rahman Track. The 1st Armoured Division now moved through but was halted by the determined defence.

Exploiting the breakthrough, at 1815 hours the 51st Highland Division attacked and took objectives Snipe and then Skinflint.

On the 4th November, in what was effectively the concluding action, the 7th Argylls attacked Point 44 on Tel El Aqqaqir and took the position. By the afternoon the Axis forces were in retreat.

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A Description of Operation Supercharge, El Alamein, North Africa, October 1942.


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