Advance to Bremen - Div COMD's Policy
10th April 1945


1. It is probable that by tomorrow the Corps will be advancing on three axes, one Div on each axis.

2. It is the Corps Comd's intention that the enemy shall be given no respite by day or night until he is broken completely. In order to achieve this we shall move with one Bde Gp forward, followed by another ready to pass through whenever there is a slackening of impetus. Order of move at outset:- 154 Bde Gp - 152 Bde Gp - 153 Bde Gp.

3. The limiting factor to speed is of course the number of demolitions and obstacles which the enemy oppose to us. To overcome these we must do all we can to find a way round his positions by tracks or across country and we must prepare instantly to frill in craters and blown culverts with any available means, bulldozers, scissor bridges, AVRE facines, etc.

4. Our task will be to open the main CLUB route but if we are to do this quickly I suggest that we must make our initial moves on by-roads round obstacles and clear them from the rear. The enemy have not got enough men to hold all the approaches to BREMEN. I want Bdes, therefore, to start their moves on a broad front at least on two axes ready to widen their frontage as soon as they meet opposition on either or both of their initial axes.

5. Tanks must be well forward and the maximum use made of crocodiles and wasps. It has been found time and again that the first signs of flame have a serious effect on the Boche morale.

6. There are too many stray Germans left behind by the armoured sweeps carried out by Gds Armd Div. No small parties must ever move about unprotected even well behind our forward troops and the Derby Yeo will operate in support of the leading Bde to sweep the country on our flanks between us and the neighbouring Divs on right and left to ensure a complete clean up. As time goes on it may be necessary to supplement the derby Yeo resources with carrier patrols from Inf Bns.

7. Arty and MG.

I want Bdes to be able to shoot steadily and continuously at the enemy area using all available weapons, field and medium arty, light AA arty, MG and mortars so that he is always being harassed.

When any strongpoint is to be taken the maximum concentration of all available weapons will be put down on it.

8. MGs.

While each Bde Gp will have the intimate support of its own MG Coy the comd 1/7 Mx must be prepared to use the MGs of the follow up Bdes and the Mortar Pl on a Div plan whenever the opportunity is appropriate. He will, therefore, always keep in the closest touch with the leading Inf Brigadier and offer his maximum support whenever a fireplan is being made. He will advice me on all occasions of his proposals.

(Sgd) GAN McMillan
Major General

10 Apr 45

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DIV COMD's Policy from McMillan (Major General Commanding) 10 April 1945 (Victory in Europe, 1945)


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