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In Brief

An introduction to the history of the 51st Highland Division.

Victory in Europe

2. [ history ]

Victory in Europe
Apr - May 1945

After a brief rest in Isselburg orders were received on the 3rd April for the 51st Highland Division to concentrate at Enschede. The Divisional advance from Enschede would be to Salzbergenm, Lingen, to Quakenbruck, Vetchta, Wildeshausen, Delmenhorst, Bremen and finally Bremerhaven. Germany was now collapsing...

3. [ pow ]

After Liberation
date unknown

Henry Owens reflects on his captivity and his opinions of his war


1. [ account ]

51st Highland Division Newsletter

PIOBAIREACHD was the name given to the 51st Highland Division newsletter which was produced from 14 June 1944.

2. [ account ]

Advance to Bremen - Div COMD's Policy
10th April 1945

DIV COMD's Policy from McMillan (Major General Commanding) 10 April 1945 (Victory in Europe, 1945)

3. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Final Brigade Operations
1st - 5th May 1945

154 Brigade account - 1st May 1945 to 5th May 1945.

4. [ op order ]

Op Instr. No 60, May 1945
3 May 1945

Dated 3 May 1945, this is the last Divisional Operation Instruction before the German surrender.

492 Field Battery, V Day to VE Day

1. [ photo ]

492 Field Battery, V Day to VE Day
Sketch Map, V Day to VE Day

Hand drawn sketch map showing movements of 492 (Highland) Field Battery, Royal Artillery (128th Field Reg.) between "V" Day and "VE" Day. Includes annotation detailing firing, not-firing and rest positions.

Enschede to Bremen, Apr 1945

2. [ photo ]

Enschede to Bremen, Apr 1945
Apr 1945

Route taken by 51st Highland Division from Enschede to Bremen, April 1945

Men relaxing around Piano

4. [ photo ]

Men relaxing around Piano
May 1945

Men of the 51st Highland Division celebrating around a piano after the final victory in Europe was announced.

Pipers in St. Valéry

5. [ photo ]

Pipers in St. Valéry
May 1945

Pipers play in the town square of St. Valéry-en-caux after liberating the town.

Pipe band of the 51st

6. [ photo ]

Pipe band of the 51st
May 1945

The pipe band of the 51st Highland Division play during the ceremony to mark the handover of Bremerhaven by British to American forces in Germany under allied occupation.