Operation Noah

29 NOV 44.
Ref Maps: HOLLAND 1/25.000, Sheets 6SW, 6NW (WEST)




(a) In the event of the enemy blowing the dykes the island would be flooded to a depth of 3 ft and water might reach ELST in 12 hours.

(b) It is understood that ample warning will be received should it be necessary to evacuate the island and it is the Div policy that NO withdrawal will take place as long as it is possible to remain on the island.


2. In the event of excessive flooding due to enemy action 5 CAMERONS will withdraw from the island.


3. Op will be put into effect on codeword DELUGE.

4. Establishment of GREEN LINE.

154 Inf Bde is establishing intermediate posns on GREEN LINE - LIENDEN 6870 - VALBURG 6669 - HERVELD 6368 - RD JUNC 626676.

152 Inf Bde will pass through GREEN LINE.

5. Movement to NORTH of R.WAAL.


(i) Div is establishing TCPs as follows:-

TCP 1 - RD JUNC 658667
TCP 2 - RD JUNC 661674
TCP 3 - RD JUNC 663699
TCP 4 - X RDS 618693

(ii) Bde Pro will establish further TCP on codeword DELUGE at RD JUNC 673704.

6. Routes for vehs and marching troops as per Appendix A attached.

7. Ferry Assembly Area.

(a) Area ORCHARD 675660 - see Appendix A attached.

(b) 2 i/c will recce this and sub-allot Bn area.

(c) LO III will recce route to area and be prepared to mark it at short notice.

8. Tpt.

On receipt of codeword deluge all tpt will report to 'A' Ech area and will be assembled there by Major E.N. MAINWARING and Capt. J.R. BROADBENT and taken on by them.

Bde. S.P. Rd.JUNC 658667.

Bn tpt will pass SP H - 155 and will not enter E route until 5 SEAFORTH are clear.

Route. To 'A' Ech area and Bde SP. - as per Appendix attached.

From Bde SP RD JUNC 658667 - Eastwards along the BUND RD to MIJMEGEN Br using RIGHT side of br ONLY - then Southwards across R. MAAS at GRAVE Br by the following route:-

NIJMEGEN Br - X RDS 717625 - X RDS 707622 - BR 671604, thence Main Rd to GRAVE BR, thence to Dis P at RD JUNC 580510.

Route will be marked to Dis P by Div Pro. DAA&QMG will mark route from Dis P to conc area.
In the event of the NIJMEGEN BR being out of action tpt will be parked and immobilised on the BUND RD with head at RD JUNC 690657. As many fighting vehs as possible will be ferried across the river.

Ferry sites are located as follows:-

Name : Location : Type : Capacity
WOOLWICH : 656665 : C1 9 Ferry : 600 men per hour
WEST STORMBOAT : 658664 : Stormboats : 500 men per hour
BROUGHTY : 672659 : C1 9 Ferry : 600 men per hour
TEAL : 685652 : Duck

9. Marching Personnel.

(a) On receipt of order from Bde marching personnel will move off. A and B coys will move straight off by route E and C, Bn HQ and s Coy will move and join this route at approx 656732 and a Bn TCP will be established at the CHURCH in HOMOET 663772 by an offr or senior NCO of B Coy. Probable order of march B, A, S, Bn HQ, C. Bn will move direct to the ferry assembly area and on arrival there 2 i/c will proceed to TCP 1 at 658667 for instructions regarding the crossing of R.WAAL by either ferry or the NIJMEGEN BR.


(i) Embussing assembly areas SOUTH of R. WAAL.

I. Using ferries.
A. Orchards on both sides of rd at 652659 to 647648.
B. Embussing pt 647648.

A. WOODS 693580.
B. Embussing pt 689578.

III. Allotment of TCVs - 20 per Bn.


(i) Bde Tpt O. will recce area with Bn reps from B Ech at a time to be notified later and on codeword DELUGE will mark routes to area from ferries and guide Bns into respective areas. BTO will also marshal TCVs and supervise embossing of the Bde. He will ascertain as nearly as possible which method of crossing is being used by marching personnel.

(ii) TCVs will return immediately to embussing pt on completion of more.

10. Conc Area.

(a) Area SOUTH EAST of UDEN 5342, details to be issued later as appendix C.

(b) Harbour parties consisting of 1 Offr per coy are now at 1 hours to move. When ordered to move they will RV area DI HOOP 691708 and proceed to conc area under orders of DAA&QMG.;

(c) Tpt for harbour parties.
C Coy jeep will collect the Bn HQ rep and S Coy rep at area of the old RAP.
A Coy jeep will convey B Coy rep who will report to A Coy.

11. MMGs.

MG Pls with Bns will move under orders of Bn concerned. S Coy Comd will warn Pl.


12. Med.

CCP will remain open in present location until H + 20.
One med jeep will move with A and B Coys marching personnel and one with C, S Coys and Bn HQ marching personnel.

13. 'B' Ech.

'B' Ech will be prepared to move to conc area on DELUGE at H hour.



(a) Main Bde HQ will move to conc area at H - 70.

(b) Tac Bde HQ will remain in present locn and move to area 673361 after 5 CAMERONS have been ordered to move.

(c) All wireless sets will open on codeword DELUGE.

15. Codewords. As per Appendix B attached.


(Sgd.) T.B.M. LAMB
Adjutant, 5 CAMERONS

Time of Signature 1530 hrs

Method of Issue - Thro' Sigs

(Ed. Not included in this copy)

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5th Camerons Operation Order No. 15 - Operation Noah, Holland, November 1944.


1944 . 5th Cameron Highlanders . Account / Extract . Low Countries . Operation Noah . Op Order . Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders