Op Instr. No 60, May 1945
3 May 1945

The following is an extract from OP INSTR NO 60. Dated 3 May 1945, this was the last Divisional Operation Instruction before the German surrender.

3. Additional Tps under Comd.

6 Cameronians and one Sqn 52 (L) Div Recce Regt.


4. 51st Highland Division will continue the advance to BREMERHAVEN coordinated with the progress of flanking formations.


5. Tasks of Bdes

(a) 154 Bde Gp will:-

(i) Capture LINTIG 7657 and hold a firm base about LINTIG- MECKELSTEDT 7956 - HAINMUHLEN 7654, and clear the area bound by these places.

(ii) Patrol forward to BEDERKESA 7359 with a view to seizing crossings at R ALTE AUS and CEESTE ELBE Canal.

(b) 152 Bde Gp will:-

(i) Hold present positions.

(ii) Be prepared to hand over to 156 Bde Gp less one bn at a time to be notified later but not before 042359 B hrs.

(c) 153 Bde Gp will :-

(i) Hold present positions.


6. RAC

(a) 4/7 DG reverts to div comd sp 154 Bde with Regt less one sqn, with one sqn in sp 153 Bde.

(b) 22 Dgns less one Sqn will sp 152 Bde.

(c) All 79 Armd Div units are placed under comd 22 Dgns. AVRE in sp CRE.

(d) C Sqn 7 TR Tanks reverts under comd 31 Armd Bde wef 040500 hrs, and their place is taken by B Sqn Fife and Forfar Yeo available to sp Bdes by half-sqns.

(e) Lt Col J.M. Sidey, 22 Dgns, will act as 79 Armd div Adviser.

7. Recce.

2 Derby Yeo will:-

(a) Keep one Sqn under comd 154 Bde.

(b) Sp 153 Bde with one Sqn.

(c) Keep one Sqn in regtl reserve prepared to recce on RIGHT flank of Div axis when BEDERKESA is occupied.

8. RE

Will construct two-way C1 40 route over R OSTE by 040500hrs.


6 Cameronians with under comd Sqn 52 (L) Recce will guard SANDBOSTEL Camp in accordance with orders already received.


10. Main Div HQ will move to area EBERSDORF 8749 pm 4 May.

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Dated 3 May 1945, this is the last Divisional Operation Instruction before the German surrender.


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