Main HQ comment on "Town Clearing"
Gennep / Goch, Rhine Crossing, March 1945

Main HQ
51st Highland Division
No 1004 G.
14 Mar 45

Lessons from recent operations.

Main HQ 30 Corps

Herewith "Notes on Town Clearing" written by Lt Col JA GRANT-PETERKIN, DSO, O.C., 1 GORDONS, as a result of recent experiences in this type of fighting.

The GOC considers that the lessons brought out in these notes are of great value and very good. He considers that it must be accepted that it takes time to clear a built up area defended by determined troops and that the urgency of bypassing the town with units to prevent reinforcements arriving and also because of the moral effect of this envelopment on the defenders of the town is important. Crocodiles always have an immediate effect but it is emphasised that they cannot function if there are bomb craters caused by air bombing.

It is considered that these Notes would be of value for inclusion in "Notes from Overseas" or to Battle Schools at home, and six copies are forwarded herewith for onward transmission.

Signed for Major-General

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Additional note from Main HQ relating to "Notes on Town Clearing" written by Lt Col JA GRANT-PETERKIN, DSO, O.C., 1 GORDONS which detailed operations to clear Gennep and Goch during Operation Plunder, Rhine Crossing, March 1945.


1945 . 1st Gordon Highlanders . Account / Extract . Gordon Highlanders . Reichswald - Op. Veritable . Rhine Crossing - Op. Plunder