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The Low Countries

1. [ history ]

The Low Countries
Oct - Dec 1944

In late September 1944 the 51st Highland Division moved east through France and into Belgium to relive the 15th Scottish Division on a line from St Odenrode to Eindhoven protecting the supply corridor to Nijmegen... The next phase of the campaign was to establish Antwerp as an operating port and clear the Germans south of the River Maas...

Operation Colin

2. [ history ]

Operation Colin
23rd Oct 1944

51st Highland Division with 7th Armoured, 15th Scottish, 33rd Armoured and 53rd Welsh Divisions formed the 12th Corps charged with this task. The Battle of Maas, Operation Colin, would start on the 23rd October for the Division. On the previous day 53rd Welsh and 7th Armoured Divisions would clear the area to the east between Zuid Willems Canal and s'Hertogenbosck and the day after the 51st Highland Division attack, 15th Scottish Division on the left would capture Tilburg and push north.


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Attack on St. Michels Gestel and Vught
October 1944

Account of the Attack on St. Michels Gestel and Vught - taken from "The History of the 7th Argylls" by Captain Ian C Cameron

5th Camerons carried on Shermans

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5th Camerons carried on Shermans
21st October 1944

5th Camerons carried on Shermans of the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry to their assembly area near Kaatsheuval on 21st October 1944.

The Advance on Hertogenbush

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The Advance on Hertogenbush
24th Oct 1944

2nb Seaforth Highlanders, 152 Brigade, advancing in Bren Gun Carriers towards Schijndel, 24th Oct 1944