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1. [ pow ]

Road to St. Valéry
Jan 1938 - June 1940

Corp. Jack Kidd's experience from joining the Territorial Army in January 1938 to his capture at St. Valéry-en-caux in June 1940.

Mobilisation & WWII

2. [ history ]

Mobilisation & WWII
Late 1938 - Jan 1940

From the "call out" of the TA in late 1938 to embarkation at Southampton for Le Havre in January 1940.

3. [ pow ]

volunteering - capture
1939 - 1940

From Henry Owens' volunteering in 1939 to his capture at St. Valery in 1940

St. Valéry

4. [ history ]

St. Valéry
June 1940

General Fortune considered all the options, a counter attack, further resistance, retaking the town but against this there was no possibility of evacuation or support, the men were exhausted and virtually out of ammunition, with no artillery ammunition at all. Shortly before 1000hrs on the 12th June General fortune took the most difficult of decisions - to surrender...


1. [ extract ]

Order of Battle - 51HD
The B.E.F. 1940

Order of Battle of the 51st Highland Division in the B.E.F. 1940

2. [ op order ]

Ark Force Orders
9th June 1940

Copy of the exact order given to "ARK" Force on the 9th June 1940. Taken from the Historical Section of the Cabinet Account of the defence of Le Havre.

3. [ account ]

"Ark" Force - The Defense of Le Harve
June 1940

The defense of Le Havre from Arques-la-Bataille. (The B.E.F. June 1940)

4. [ account ]

Major General Rennie's Address
St. Valéry, Sept 1944

Major General Rennie's address at St. Valéry on 3rd September 1944 after the return of the 51st Highland Division to St. Valéry.

Major General Fortune with General Major Rommel

1. [ photo ]

Major General Fortune with General Major Rommel
12th June 1940

Major General V M Fortune, GOC [General Commanding Officer] 51st Highland Division (right), with General Major Erwin Rommel at St. Valéry after the surrender of the 51st Division to Rommel's 7th Panzer Division (12th June 1940)

Major General Fortune

2. [ photo ]

Major General Fortune
12th June 1940

A veteran of the First World War, Victor Fortune had been commissioned in 1903 and he had commanded 1st Battalion The Black Watch in 1916. He commanded 1st Seaforths in 1927 and took command of the 5th Infantry brigade in 1930. He commanded the 52nd (Lowland) Division in 1935 and took command of the Highland Division in 1937.

When the Division surrendered at St.Valéry General Fortune went into captivity, refusing to be repatriated after a stroke in 1944. He returned when the prisoners were liberated and retired from the Army and died on 2nd January 1949.