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The B.E.F.

1. [ history ]

The B.E.F.
Jan - Jun 1940

The 51st Highland Division landed in Le Havre in January 1940 as part of the British Expeditionary Force [B.E.F.] On 28th March they were deployed into the defensive line relieving the French 21st Division between Bailleul and Armentiéres...


1. [ account ]

Movements leaving Lille
April 1940

Account of the "Movements of 51 Div. and Attached Tps. since leaving Lille Area" [April 1940].

Provided by Mr Michael Thomson of Perth who provided various artefacts from his Uncle, Major David K Thomson, who was in the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) in the Divisional Supply Regiment.

2. [ extract ]

Abbeville, Drinkall
Extract from Mike Drinkall's "A Londoner in the 51st HD"

The following extract describing the battle for Abbeville is taken from “A LONDONER IN THE 51st HIGHLAND DIVISION – JACK DRINKALL’S STORY by Mike Drinkall.

Ark Force and Arques-la-Bataille

3. [ account ]

Ark Force and Arques-la-Bataille
Journal extract, Capt. Taylor, Intel. Officer 1 Gordons

An extract from the War Diary of Capt. J.P.P. Taylor, the Intelligence Officer of the 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlands. Covers the period June 9th and 10th 1940 during the withdrawal towards St. Valery.

4. [ account ]

"Ark" Force - The Defense of Le Harve
June 1940

The defense of Le Havre from Arques-la-Bataille. (The B.E.F. June 1940)

5. [ extract ]

Evacuation, Driver MacAskill
154 Inf. RASC, June 1940

An extract from Driver MacAskill’s Memories of Service with 154 Inf RASC detailing his evacuation from Cherbourg, 13th June 1940.

Holding a position in the River Bresle area

1. [ photo ]

Holding a position in the River Bresle area
6 - 8 June 1940

Men of the 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 51st Highland Division, holding a position in the River Bresle area, 6 - 8 June 1940.

Evacuation from Cherbourg

2. [ photo ]

Evacuation from Cherbourg
13 June 1940

British troops on the deck of a ship, evacuated from Cherbourg, 13 June 1940, watching army stores on the shoreline burn.