Memorial Inscription
Sferro, Sicily

Sferro Memorial Inscription

Sferro Inscription

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The inscription on the memorial at Sferro is badly worth but appears to read :
"To the memory of the Officers & Men of the 51st Highland Division who gave their lives for their country during the campaign in Sicily 10th July - 16th August 1943 - Axailh An Alba Gu Brath - This memorial, erected by their comrades, overlooks the battlefields of Gerbini and Sferro."
Note - the inscription appears to have been painted some time during 2017 / early 2018. The meaning of the word 'Axail' (if indeed it is that as this section is extremely worn) is not known and does not appear to be Gaelic, however, 'Alba Gu Brath' is a Gaelic expression of allegiance to Scotland.


Photography by Pat Miller


1943 . Memorials . Sferro Hills . Sicily - Op. Huskey

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