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1. [ pow ]

Road to St. Valéry
Jan 1938 - June 1940

Corp. Jack Kidd's experience from joining the Territorial Army in January 1938 to his capture at St. Valéry-en-caux in June 1940.

Ark Force and Arques-la-Bataille

1. [ account ]

Ark Force and Arques-la-Bataille
Journal extract, Capt. Taylor, Intel. Officer 1 Gordons

An extract from the War Diary of Capt. J.P.P. Taylor, the Intelligence Officer of the 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlands. Covers the period June 9th and 10th 1940 during the withdrawal towards St. Valery.

Notes on Battle of El Alamein

2. [ account ]

Notes on Battle of El Alamein
North Africa, 1942

Detailed notes on the Battle of El Alamein from the 7th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. (North Africa, October, 1942)

3. [ account ]

51st (H) Recce. Reg. at El Alamein
24th October 1942

An account of the bloody shelling at El Alamein on the 24th October 1942 from the 51st (Highland) Reconnaisance Regiment; an extract from 'A Brief History of 51st (H) Reconnaissance Regiment (1941 -1943) and its Involvement in the Desert Campaign', produced as a pamphlet in 1991


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