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The Breakout

1. [ history ]

The Breakout
Aug 1944

By early July Cherbourg had fallen to the Americans and the British occupied Caen. The US forces pressed on to St. Lo and commenced the isolation of the Brittany peninsula. The US success now set the conditions for Montgomery's break out. This took the form of three operations, Bluecoat which began on 30th July, Totalise on the 7th August and Tractable which began on 14th August...

Operation Totalise

2. [ history ]

Operation Totalise
6-10 Aug 1944

The 51st Highland Division was placed under command of the Canadian Corps and on 6th August moved forward to begin the operation called Operation Totalise. The attack began on the night of the 7th August and when the operation ended on the 10th August the 51st Highland Division had secured all its objectives.


1. [ account ]

Op. Totalise, Gordon Highlanders
Gordon Highlanders War Diary, August 1944

Extract from 5th/7th Gordons War Diary, August 1944. Detailing Operation Totalise in Normandy.

2. [ account ]

Account of Operation "Totalise"
Normandy, August 1944

An account of Operation "Totalise" in Normandy by Major A McKinnon MC 7th Argylls. (written 23rd August 1944)

Operation Totalise

1. [ photo ]

Operation Totalise
Normandy, France, August 1944

Smoke on the horizon. Men walking through fields in Normandy, France, during Operation Totalise August 1944.

Operation Totalise, Troops on the Move

2. [ photo ]

Operation Totalise, Troops on the Move
Operation Totalise, Aug 1944

Troops on the move during Operation Totalise, August 1944

Crossing the River Seine

3. [ photo ]

Crossing the River Seine
Elbeuf, 2nd September 1944

Children wave as lorries of 51st Highland Division cross the Seine on a pontoon bridge at Elbeuf, 2 September 1944.