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Arrival in Egypt

1. [ history ]

Arrival in Egypt
Aug 1942

In June 1942 the 51st Highland Division moved by train to a variety of ports, and embarked for an unknown destination. They moved around Africa leaving Durban on the 16th July and disembarked on 14th August 1942 at the entrance to the Suez Canal at Port Tewfik...

North Africa

2. [ history ]

North Africa
Aug 1942 - May 1943

After St. Valery, what remained of the 51st Highland Division joined the 9th Highland Division to form the new 51st (Highland) Infantry Division. The reformed Division took on a home defense role between 1940 - 1942 when it set sail for Egypt and the North Africa Campaign.

Major General Wimberley

3. [ history ]

Major General Wimberley
Departure from 51HD

Major General Wimberley, affectionately know as "Tartan Tam" for his determination that the Division would wear the kilt, had commanded the Division from its England through North Africa and Sicily. On his departure he published the following farewell messages to his Jocks...


1. [ account ]

Major General Rennie's Address
St. Valéry, Sept 1944

Major General Rennie's address at St. Valéry on 3rd September 1944 after the return of the 51st Highland Division to St. Valéry.

2. [ account ]

154 Brigade - Final Brigade Operations
1st - 5th May 1945

154 Brigade account - 1st May 1945 to 5th May 1945.

Route of North Africa Operations

1. [ photo ]

Route of North Africa Operations

Diagram depicting the route of the North African campaign.