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A number of extracts and accounts from Alastair Borthwick feature within this site (with kind permission), including an account of the 5th Seaforth at Ronchamps in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge and the Crossing of the Rhine (Operation Plunder), specifically the 5th Seaforth's Attack on Groin.

Some common misspellings : Alasdair Bothwick, Grion,

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1. [ history ]

10th Jan 1945

On 10th January 152 Brigade moved through 153 Brigade with the task of pushing across the Marche - La Roche road and on to take Ronchamps thus covering the right flank of the divisional advance down the Ourthe valley.

Rhine Crossing<br/>Operation Plunder

2. [ history ]

Rhine Crossing
Operation Plunder
Mar 1945

The Operation to cross the Rhine was to be called Operation Plunder. The Plan for Operation Plunder was to cross on a two corps front with 51st Highland division on the left leading 30 Corps. The Divisional objectives on the other side of the Rhine were Honnepel and Rees.


1. [ account ]

Attack on Groin, 5th Seaforth
Late March 1945

An account of the attack on Groin (Rhine Crossing - Operation Plunder) by 5th Seaforth Highlanders, taken with kind permission from "Battalion" by Alastair Borthwick.


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