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Battle of El Alamein

2. [ history ]

Battle of El Alamein
Oct 1942

Montgomery was determined to attack the enemy using his infantry to create a gap and then push the armour through the gap created. The area for this was not the weaker sector in the south but the stronger part of the enemy position in the North. 30 Corps were to execute this attaching on a frontage four divisions wide...


3. [ history ]

Nov 1943 - Jul 1944

The 51st Highland Division landing took place to the west of the Ornnemouth in the 1st Corps area and crossed the River Orne. The operations in the following weeks were some of the worst the Division had experienced...

4. [ memorials ]

51(H) Recce Reg
Stained Glass Window

Stained glass memorial window in Nairn Old Parish Church, dedicated to the 51st (Highland) Reconnaissance Regiment and Captain Leslie A Meek.

Notes on Battle of El Alamein

1. [ account ]

Notes on Battle of El Alamein
North Africa, 1942

Detailed notes on the Battle of El Alamein from the 7th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. (North Africa, October, 1942)

2. [ account ]

51st (H) Recce. Reg. at El Alamein
24th October 1942

An account of the bloody shelling at El Alamein on the 24th October 1942 from the 51st (Highland) Reconnaisance Regiment; an extract from 'A Brief History of 51st (H) Reconnaissance Regiment (1941 -1943) and its Involvement in the Desert Campaign', produced as a pamphlet in 1991

51st Reconnaissance Regiment

1. [ photo ]

51st Reconnaissance Regiment
June 1942

Richard Sands, who's Father (Sgt George Sands MM) served with the 51st, kindly sent us a scan of a photograph his Father had of the Sergeants and Warrant Officers of the 51st (H) Reconnaissance Regiment, taken in June of 1942 before their departure to Egypt where they would join the 8th Army in preparation for the battle of El Alamein.

Sgt George Sands served with both 2nd and 5th battalions. Sailing to North Africa, January 1942, as reinforcements/replacements for 2nd battalion at Tobruk. Before he had finished acclimatisation, Tobruk had fallen and 2nd battalion went into captivity. He fought for a few months with 4th Indian Div. He then joined 5th battalion when they arrived in Egypt some 6months later. He fought with 5th battalion from Alamein to Bremen.

Memorial Plaque, Nairn Old Parish Church

2. [ photo ]

Memorial Plaque, Nairn Old Parish Church
51st (H) Recce Reg

The Plaque and Roll of Honour in Nairn Old Parish Church.

The inscription reads "To the glory of God and to the memory of the men of the 51st (Highland) Reconnaissance Regiment who fell at the Battle of El Alamein October 1942 and who worshipped in this church the previous winter"

The plaque was unveiled by Gen Wimberley, GOC 51st Highland Division from mid 1941 and throughout the Desert Campaign, during a Service of Remembrance held on Sunday 9th April 1950 (Easter Sunday). The service was conducted by the Padre Rev Thos. W. Topping and the Minister, Rev Donald M McDonald, 25 old comrades and relatives attending.

51 (H) Recce Reg Memorial Window

3. [ photo ]

51 (H) Recce Reg Memorial Window
Nairn Old Parish Church

The 51st (Highland) Reconnaissance Regiment Memorial Window, Nairn Old Parish Church, 1996

Nairn Old Parish Church Memorial Window Detail

4. [ photo ]

Nairn Old Parish Church Memorial Window Detail

Small information plaque detailing of the memorial window at Nairn Old Parish Church to the 51st (H) Reconnaissance Regiment.

Leslie A Meek Memorial Window

5. [ photo ]

Leslie A Meek Memorial Window
25 May 2008

The 'Leslie A Meek Memorial Window' dedicated on 25 May 2008. Captain Meek was the author of 'The brief History of the 51st (H) Reconnaissance Regiment'.