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If you would like to help support this project you can make online donations using the button above which will take you to a PayPal donation page. Funds donated go directly to The Museum of The Royal Regiment of Scotland which is a small independent museum and a registered Scottish charity (SC044665).

It is a great way to help secure the continued future of the project and all donations big or small are most gratefully appreciated.


This website was original setup and funded by The 51st Highland Division and Ross Bequest Trust, a charity registered in Scotland (Charity No: SCO02288) in 2007.

The trust was established post World War 2 and had at its heart an aim of preserving the memory of Scotland's most famous fighting Division. Sadly, most of the Division's veterans are no longer with us and so the Trustees felt that an online museum, that traced the history of the Division from its formation during the Great War (1914 -18) through to World War 2, would be a fitting way to perpetuate their memory.

In January 2019 The Museum of The Royal Regiment of Scotland was handed ownership of the 51st Highland Division and Ross Bequest Trust website. The Royal Regiment of Scotland is fiercely proud of a history which extends back to 1633 and it continues to maintain important golden-thread links with its antecedent regiments, many of whom served in the 51st Highland Division.

The Regiment very much sees itself as one of the key custodians of the martial history of the military in Scotland and taking on the stewardship of this website is another step in securing the Nation's military heritage for future generations.