51st Highland Division Brigade Commanders
1940 - 1945

This summary of the 51st Highland Division Brigade Commanders in World War Two is taken from “Battalion” by Alastair Borthwick.

France 1940 North Africa 1942-43 Sicily 1943 North West Europe 1944/1945
152 Highland Brigade
Commander Brigadier HWV Stewart
(Seaforth Highlanders)
Brigadier G Murray
(Seaforth Highlanders)
1. Brigadier G MacMillan
(later Gen Sir Gordon)
(Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders)

2. Brigadier JA Oliver
(Black Watch)
1.Brigadier DH Haugh
(Seaforth Highlanders)

2. Brigadier JH Cassels
(Later Field Marshal Sir James)
(Seaforth Highlanders)
Battalions 2nd & 4th Seaforth Highlanders
4th Cameron Highlanders
2nd & 5th Seaforth Highlanders
5th Cameron Highlanders
As in North Africa As in North Africa
153 Highland Brigade
Commander Brigadier GT Burney
(Gordon Highlanders)
Brigadier DAH Graham
(later Maj Gen)
Brigadier H Murray
(later Gen Sir Horatius)
(Cameron Highlanders)
1.Brigadier H Murray

2.Brigadier JR Sinclair
(later earl of Caithness)
(Gordon Highlanders)
Battalions 4th Black Watch
1st & 5th Gordon Highlanders
5th Black Watch
1st & 5/7th Gordon Highlanders
As in North Africa As in North Africa
154 Highland Brigade
Commander Brigadier ACJ Stanley Clark
(R Scots Fusiliers)
1. Brigadier HW Houldsworth
(later sir Henry)
(Seaforth Highlanders

2. Brigadier JE Stirling
(Seaforth Highlanders)
Brigadier TG Rennie
(later Maj Gen)
(Black Watch)
Brigadier JA Oliver
(Black Watch)
Battalions 1st Black Watch
7th & 8th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
1st Black Watch
7th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
7th Black Watch
As in North Africa As in North Africa
Divisional Artillery
Commander Brigadier HCH Eden (RA) Brigadier GM Elliot (RA) As in North Africa Brigadier J Shiel RA
(killed in Action 27 April 1945)
Units 17 Fd Regt RA
23 Fd Regt RA
75 Fd Regt RA
51st Anti-Tank Regt RA
126 Fd Regt RA
127 Fd Regt RA
128 Fd Regt RA
61 Anti Tank Regt RA
40 Light AA Regt RA
As in North Africa As in North Africa

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Battalions and Commanders within 152, 153 and 154 Brigades during France 1940, North Africa 1942-43, Sicily 1943 and North West Europe 1944-45, sourced from "Battalion" by Alastair Borthwick.


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