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Sicily - Op. Huskey

1. [ history ]

Sicily - Op. Huskey
Jun 1943 - Nov 1943

In January 1943, Winston Churchill and the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with their senior military advisers at Casablanca, Morocco, to devise a military strategy for the coming year. With the North African campaign moving toward a successful conclusion, the leaders of the two nations debated where to launch their next blow. Views varied from a direct intervention in mainland Europe through to a continuation of the Mediterranean strategy to take Italy out of the war. After several days of negotiations, they agreed to make Sicily their next target.

In July 1943 the Allied forces prepared to land...

Sferro Hills

2. [ history ]

Sferro Hills
Jul/Aug 1943

Description of the Battle for the Sferro Hills, late July - early August 1943

After Sferro

3. [ history ]

After Sferro
Aug-Sep 1943

A description of events after the Battle for the Sferro Hills, Aug-Sep 1943

Major General Wimberley

4. [ history ]

Major General Wimberley
Departure from 51HD

Major General Wimberley, affectionately know as "Tartan Tam" for his determination that the Division would wear the kilt, had commanded the Division from its England through North Africa and Sicily. On his departure he published the following farewell messages to his Jocks...

5. [ history ]

Nov 1943

The departure of the 51st Highland Division from Sicily in late 1943

Sferro, Sicily

6. [ memorials ]

Sferro, Sicily

Memorial to the 51st Highland Division at Sferro Hill, Sicily. 4th November 1943, on Sferro Hill, in the presence of representatives of the 51st Highland Division this stone Celtic Cross was unveiled. A service entitled "51st Highland Division - Dedication of Memorial" was held. The total casualties of the Division in the campaign had been 124 Officers and 1312 other ranks.


1. [ account ]

July 1943

An extract of detail from the record of 61st (Highland) Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery in the Sicily Campaign, July 1943

2. [ op order ]

Op. Order No. 76 (Sferro, Sicily)
Sferro, Sicily, 24th July 1943

51st Highland Division Operation Order No. 76, Sferro, Sicily (24th July 1943)

3. [ account ]

Sicily - 128th Field Reg. Account
31st July 1943

A description from the History of 128th (Highland) Field Regiment R.A of the BATTLES FOR GERBINI, SFERRO HILLS, CATANIA PLAIN AND BIANCAVILLA.

Map of Op. Huskey, Sicily, 1943

1. [ photo ]

Map of Op. Huskey, Sicily, 1943
Sicily, 1943

Map showing the route of the 51st Highland Division through Sicily from the landing at Portopalo to Messina during Operation Huskey, 1943.

Sferro Memorial (1943)

2. [ photo ]

Sferro Memorial (1943)
239th Field Park Coy Royal Engineers

This photograph was kindly sent to us by Janet Cardigan. The photo belonged to Janet's Uncle (George Edward Stone) who was with 239th Field Park Coy Royal Engineers.

Sferro Hills Momument

3. [ photo ]

Sferro Hills Momument

Photograph taken 2006 by Brigadier (Ret'd) CS Grant OBE

Sferro Monument (from P. Hooton)

4. [ photo ]

Sferro Monument (from P. Hooton)

Sferro Monument, August 2010, Sicily. Taken by P. Hooton